Grower: jhentea

Teamaker: Fu Chen & Ai Fang

Origin: (1) Wu Lao Ken, Yilan County (hometown); (2) Alishan, Nantou County;

(3) Yushan, Nantou County; (4) Da Yu Ling, Taichung County

Elevation: Hometown - 300m (980ft)

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)

Signature Tea: Forever Spring

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The Producer

jhentea is a family business of teamakers and tea growers. It is led by female teamasters Fu Chen and Ai Fang. Fu Chen is a 3rd generation teamaster, making Ai Fang the 4th generation of her family. Both of them craft tea with a deep passion and humility for the tea leaves.

Their tea heritage dates back to 1850, as their ancestors crafted tea in Fujian, China. It started with their great-great-grandfather, Hon Chen, who was a famous Fujian teamaster. He crafted oolong tea in Anxi, famous for Anxi Tieguanyin. After the Communist Party took over China, the Chen Family fled to Taiwan where they had already been establishing new tea gardens.

In Taiwan, they escaped deep into the mountains of Yilan County to escape the Japanese occupation. There, they created many tea gardens in the Wu Lao Ken river area which is now a protected government park. They also craft teas from many high mountain areas in Taiwan.

At 80 years old, Teamaster Fu Chen is nicknamed "National Treasure" by the tea farmers she works with. She has an incredible mastery of the leaf that she has passed down to her daughter, Ai Fang. Together they craft teas with humble intentions and a deep spiritual connection to the leaves and the art of tea.

Fu Chen and Ai Fang are particular about their own family farms, and any other fields from which they harvest. They have been working with the same, like-minded tea farmers in Yushan, Da Yu Ling, and Alishan for decades. This allows them to work with pure leaves, free of chemicals and pesticides, just as they personally prefer.

Meet the Grower

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Region: Yilan County, Taiwan