Forbidden Fruit


The breeder of this unique hemp variety has chosen to remain nameless.

This organic industrial hemp farm in in Northern Nevada in Humboldt County. The farm is part of a successful ranch and has dedicated most of their high value yields for isolate production for the ever-growing medicinal CBD market, but a limited lot of hemp flower was reserved for the Tealet wholesale network for distribution to small-scale, high quality tea companies to develop custom blends and tea products.

The products from this farms offered on the Tealet network are nuanced in flavor and do give a relaxes and calming feeling when consuming as a steeped tea.

When purchasing products from this farm a Certificate of Analysis will be made available to you with CBD and THC contents to ensure your products remain in compliance with current federal and state regulations for industrial hemp.

Meet the Grower

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Forbidden Fruit

Region: Humboldt County, Nevada, USA