Manla Village


Grower: Nianlei Liu of Manla Village

Location: Ailao Mountain (Ailaoshan) in Yunnan, China

Signature Tea: Ailaoshan Sheng Puerh

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Mr. Nianlei Liu is a farmer in Manla Village, located in the Ailao Mountain area. His first tea garden was started by his grandfather over 100 years ago, making his tea trees "gu shu", or old tree material. He and his family produce sheng puerh tea, and usually have to sell their leaf material to a factory. They are learning how to hand-craft their own teas so that they can produce high-quality microlots of tea from their farm.

In addition to his ancestral tea garden. Mr. Liu also cares for a once-abandoned tea garden left behind by a Taiwanese entrepreneur. That tea garden contains Taiwanese varietals of tea, and Mr. Liu is experimenting with creating oolong from the leaf material.

This grower is still undergoing the Tealet grower vetting process, and is still actively developing their tea. For more information or to help vet this grower by requesting samples, please contact us at

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Manla Village

Region: Mt. Ailao, Yunnan, China