Kanoka Orthodox


Our tea leaves are then hand-processed to create a high-quality organic Assam loose leaf tea with a very unique taste and flavour. The organic Assam black tea of the orthodox variety, also called as loose long leaf tea by some, produces a rich, full-bodied amber color beverage with a malty flavor that is somewhat softened by its subtle honey notes. This tea is fully oxidized (fermented), a process which causes the fresh green leaves of the tea plant to turn a deep brown.

How To Brew

Use 2 grams (1/2 tablespoon dried tea leaves) for 8 fl. oz. water in your favorite teapot or infuser (use bottled drinking water for best flavor, let boil and sit to cool slightly for 2-3 minutes). Steep for 2-3 minutes or for a shorter period of time if you would like to taste the subtle flavors of the tea. Leaves may be infused at least 3 times.

These are suggested brewing instructions. We encourage you to experiment and share your own brewing methods as you continue to grow in the tea culture. If you're new to tea this is a good way to start.


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This chart illustrates tasting notes most identified and their respective intensities (referring to Tea Cupping Standards by World of Tea).

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